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Stephen Franklin has a great passion for people, weddings, and photography. We've been in the wedding industry for the past 12 years and still loving it.



Before the ceremony, we hid in our designated rooms while SFP set up the cameras, audio feeds, and co-ordinated with the officiant. We never had to tell them what to do or get them going, because they always took the initiative to make sure they were able to document what we needed. At the reception, the team connected with the DJ/MC right away to co-ordinate the speeches, dances, cake cutting, etc. We were impressed that they were so self-sufficient and just knew what they were doing without having to ask us. Something that I took for granted and didn't fully appreciate until I was at another wedding with a different photography company - was that SFP dresses and acts appropriately for a wedding!! They won't show up in bright t-shirts with the company logos plastered all over them - they look presentable and conduct themselves professionally and courteously. Not once did I catch them slacking off, checking their phone, or standing around blocking someone's view. I was definitely proud that we picked a photo/cinema company that behaved as impeccably as their portfolio. With SFP, we couldn't be happier with the final product. Our photo and cinema package arrived within weeks of getting married, all beautifully edited and produced. The level of communication, service and talent is second to none and I would recommend Stephen Franklin Photography to anyone looking for a professional, passionate and dedicated team to capture their special day.

Heather & Dan Sheard - Toronto - Canada

Our experience with Stephen Franklin Photography was everything we could have dreamed about for a vendor - especially that would be so intimately involved with all the aspects of the wedding. From the minute we saw the sample footage and photos at a bridal show, we were 90% sure we wanted to go with SFP. When we met Steve at our consultation, we hit it off and were so comfortable with him that we booked right away. Our engagement shoot was a great bonus - Steve took the time to give us some good advice on posing that resulted in some of the hottest photos we've ever seen of ourselves! It kind of helped that there was a Lamborghini behind us, but I digress. At the wedding, the whole SFP team was incredible, showing up on time and raring to go. Everyone knew exactly what needed to be done, where it needed to be, and adapted if they needed to. They choreographed every shot and there wasn't a second when they weren't filming, clicking, rearranging, or positioning. We had a pretty tight schedule, but SFP were quick on their toes and punctual in the move to each location (downtown toronto -- liberty village -- woodbridge). As soon as we got to the venue, half of the team did family photos with us while the other half went on to documenting every detail of our venue - something that I obviously knew had to happen but didn't realize it would be done in such a smart and efficient fashion.

Heather & Dan Sheard - Toronto - Canada

My husband and I could not be happier with our photos and video for our wedding day! The work was beyond expected! Stephen, you are such a talented photographer; you are not just great at what you do, but also a super fun person to work with. Thank you so much for everything and to the team!

Big hugs.

Maria & Giacomo Giorgio <3

maria & giacomo giorgio

At the end of it all what do you have left after your wedding is over? Your wedding photos are timeless and the most important part of your day. Those special moments fly by and sometimes it's hard to remember all of them. We chose Stephen Franklin Photography after seeing the beautiful work of a friends wedding and we were blown away! Stephen and his wonderful team go out of their way to make sure you get what you want. The photography is elegant, edgy, and we had so much fun working with the crew. The after product is absolutely stunning and worth every penny spent. My husband and I will be forever grateful for Stephen, Norine, and their team for capturing such beautiful memories.

Ashley & Martin Wojnowski

Thank you for an amazing wedding video. We're so thankful you joined us in Jamaica, we had so much fun with you! Our video is everything we could have asked for and more...brings us right back to that day. Also, impeccable quality with all the special moments in there without the video being too long.. We love it!

Sergio & Cara Menezes

We are so incredibly happy with the outcome of our pictures for our wedding in Mexico. You were thoughtful, fun and creative in capturing the most beautiful shots. Thank you for everything that you do and for giving us the amazing gift of your talent!

Leah & Jeremy Eitzen

Thank you to the Stephen Franklin team for the most AMAZING same-day edit we have ever seen! Our wedding was back in July and our guests are still talking about it (even people we don't know in our neighbourhood stop to tell us how much they loved the video after seeing it via social media)! Our same-day edit was equivalent to a Hollywood film! The team also pre-recorded our wedding speeches, which were shown at our wedding reception - everyone loved the unique idea and the quality of the videos!

We couldn't be happier with how our wedding videography turned out. It was an absolute pleasure working with Stephen and his entire team! They truly exceeded our expectations and their talent is undeniable! Thank you all!

Billy & Allie Wagg

Choose Stephen Franklin Photography to feel like movie stars from your engagement through to your wedding day! We would highly recommend Stephen Franklin Photography for all brides and grooms looking for truly unique, amazing engagement and wedding photography, and outstanding videography! You won't be disappointed!

Victoria & Andrew Ciprietti - Toronto - Canada